At Hensley Construction, our philosophy of doing business is fairly simple. Customers are the lifeblood of our organization and thus the singular focus of all our efforts. Whether it's construction management, design/build, or general contracting, our approach is the same to build long lasting relationships as well as the building that gave birth to them.


Our approach is rooted in the idea that the best building are the product of teamwork and honest and forthright business dealings - a partnership with owners, architects, engineers, subcontractors, suppliers, bankers, and others whose contributions are vital in producing buildings that are attractive, functional, efficient, safe and comfortable for the people who live, work, play, or learn in them. 

For many projects, this partnership begins long before construction starts. And throughout the process, we mature this partnership not only with the expertise and experience we've developed from constructing buildings for a wide range of owners and industries over the last several decades, but through policies geared to the achievement of the end result: Quality buildings and happy owners.

Since the beginning, for example, our creed has been that, at Hensley Construction, "We're an open book." Among other things, that means we provide monthly progress reports, share the bidding process on negotiating work, develop team involvement and making project financials available for owners review.

about_image2In addition to an open book policy, we highly encourage owner involvement. As a family business, we believe in treating customers like family, too, going the extra mile not just because it's a business relationship, but because as fellow human beings, it's the right thing to do - the way we, ourselves, like to be treated.

The same spirit extends to our employees. Because in the final analysis, their efforts crucial to the success of your project. Our goal is to exceed standards, not just meet them. To do that, we start by hiring experienced highly talented people. We give them the freedom to do their very best under a fairly unstructured management style, one that emphasizes individual responsibility and recognize individual contributions.

Instead of adhering to a rigid system of vertical reporting, we delegate tremendous responsibilities to our project managers. Then we hold them personally accountable for the high professional standards we set. This approach applies to our subcontractor as well. We treat them fairly and demand their best. And we get it.

The result is that everyone on the team works with a single common goal, doing the best job possible, with skill, integrity, and responsibility. It's a formula as well as a philosophy of doing business that for 20 years has been the hallmark of Hensley Construction - one that has led to a great deal of repeat business and is directly attributable to the partnership focus with our clients that we established at the outset as the foundation of our firm.